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Smart Community

LEAF smart community

is specially dedicated to the customers of community, residential, condo, apartment and commercial building to create a communication platform for private communication with a

    safe, harmonious , environmentally friendly and convenient ,

intelligence community

We help you to solve the following problems:

  1. Communication between community residents and community administrators, security guards , and community volunteers.
  2. The safety of elderly as well as young children
  3. Conveniently search for the businesses / shops around the community

Start Changing

Main features

  • Receive Community announcement at any time.
  • Emergency button, neighborhood support
  • Cloud alert can be accessed readily
  • Access and watch community public CCTV
  • Visitor access management
  • Free chatting among residents
  • Events Sharing and Wall Commenting
  • Problem Report System
  • Family members location tracking and positioning
  • Directly linked to surrounding businesses
  • Multi-language support

Information update…at the speed beyond imagination

Flyers and emails are no longer necessary. By simply typing in the information and send, the entire community will receive the information, saving time and helping the environment.

  • Send information via mobile, computer or iPad
  • Information can be sent to preset groups or individual user.
  • Users can send feedback or complaint at anytime
  • Upon receiving the information, users can reply, share photos or communicate with the administrator
  • Handy, easy to use, clear and easy interface… if you know how to use Facebook, you will know how to use LEAF Communication Platform

Courtesy of your friends, make them feel at home… Access Management

Using mobile phone's NFC as card access at guard house, convenient for visitor access, its like coming home

  • Visitors can make appointment in advanced and verify via NFC card for security purposes
  • Visitors record management, identify with CCTV
  • Notify the owner of any strange visitors and verify via CCTV at guard house
  • Upon confirmation, owner press NFC button in mobile phone to access. No other access card required.
  • Visitor monitoring upon entering the premises

Receive emergency calls from your loved ones and elderly family member…..

Just press the emergency or camera button, your neighbors, relatives and family members will receive instant notification and location… the best tool for neighborhood care.

  • Instantly broadcast your current location to friends, family and voluntary group members.
  • See each other’s location from map for those who received the notification.
  • Group chat and real time situation update
  • Taking photo at the scene and instantly share to friends and family members
  • Receive photo instantly to be aware of the latest situation.

Oh…don’t worry, Tom and his grandpa Is enjoying family fun at the park nearby !

Just turn on your mobile, Tom and grandpa’s location instantly appear on the map … Go .. join their party with Google Map navigation

  • Check the location of your loved ones anytime, anywhere
  • Work seamlessly with Google Map and Waze
  • Unlimited sharing, location update every 15 minutes, while saving power and bandwidth
  • Instant text and photo sharing with your loved ones

My choice, ease of life for my family !

As soon as you turn on your mobile, you can locate your loved ones and your valuable assets…

  • Community administrator can share public CCTV with users
  • Access and view via mobile phone at anytime, anywhere
  • Each zone can be individually named and clearly distinguished


  • Free Calls & Messages

    Always keep in touch with family and friends

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  • Smart Community

    Information update…at the speed beyond imagination

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  • Emergency & Safety

      Instantly notify family and friends, as well as surrounding people

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  • Market ..Coming soon

    Market.. Surrounding Businesses

    Coming soon

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Smart Community . Yes we can !

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