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Online Property Management

Online property management refers to the use of technology to manage a property remotely, typically through an online platform or software. This can include using software to track and manage maintenance requests, rent payments, and tenant communications, as well as using smart devices to monitor and control various aspects of the property, such as lighting, temperature, and security.

Online property management can be particularly useful in situations where a property manager is unable to physically be at the property, such as when managing a rental property from a different location. It can also be beneficial for property owners who live far from their rental property and are unable to manage it in person.

1. Some examples of technologies that may be used in online property management include
2. Property management software
3. Smart thermostats and other smart home devices
4. Online payment and communication platforms
5. Virtual tours and online leasing

Overall, the goal of online property management is to make the process of managing a property more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient, while still maintaining the level of service that tenants expect.

LEAF is the foundational platform for smart spaces

Integrate all the software and hardware and third-party resources you need

LEAF property management system

Main function
1. Cloud-based property management system
2. User Management
3. Document Management
4. Communication Management
5. Facility Management
6. Process automation
7. Third-party hardware & IOT integration

LEAF PMS Rental Management System

Main function
1. Integrate EZEE Online Booking OTA , Airbnb
2. Automatically notify homeowners
3. Manage guest at LEAF APP
4. Automatically synchronize data to VMS system
5. Customer self-registration in kiosks
6. Integrate QR access control & smart door lock

Club & Member Management

Provide member based organizations with an all-in-one association management service solution. you can keep records on your members, their memberships, and have quick and easy communication between you and your members and assist members grow faster.

LEAF Patrol Tour System

Is a real-time online guard tour system based on NFC tag , The staff scans tags placed on locations and assets and the Monitoring Center gets informed in real-time about incidents and events. Any time NFC tag is scanned, the information is sent to the cloud server and the staff takes immediate control on buildings and locations all over the world.

Asset Management System

A computerized maintenance management system is software that centralizes maintenance information and facilitates the processes of maintenance operations. The core of a CMMS is its database. It has a data model that organizes information about the assets It helps optimize the utilization and availability of physical equipment like ELV system equipment, monitoring equipment, machinery, communications, IT equipment and other assets.

Online Ticketing System

An online ticketing system for property management streamlines the process of managing maintenance requests, rent payments, and tenant communications. It allows property managers to track and manage all aspects of a property through a software platform.

News / bulletin management

Online news or bulletin management for property management refers to the use of technology to disseminate important information and updates to tenants or residents of a property. This can be done through an online platform or software, such as a website or app, and may include features such as the ability to post and share news articles, bulletins, and other types of updates. Online news or bulletin management can help property managers to keep tenants informed and engaged, and can provide a convenient way for tenants to stay up-to-date on important information related to their property.

LEAF ERP Management Service

LEAF ERP management service for property management is a software platform that helps property managers organize and streamline business operations, such as financial transactions and maintenance requests. It can be accessed remotely from any device.

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